Eight Amazing Employee Perks of 2022


The perks of working at your company can have as much influence on the quality of your workforce as the compensation you offer. This fact is especially true if your employees are working longer hours and asked to do more with fewer resources to get the job done. To help retain talent and set yourself apart from the competition, consider these fantastic employee perks that you can offer them this year.

Flexible Hours

Everyone works differently, so don’t expect your employees to start and stop working at just 9 AM and 5 PM every day. Introduce a flexible schedule that allows your employees to work remotely whenever they want, as long as they meet their deadlines. It creates an environment where employees aren’t tied down by any specific location or hours, allowing them to work efficiently from wherever they are on a particular day. Plus, you get all their attention when you need it.

Free Lunch

Free lunch will no longer be just a luxury in less than a decade. It might become so commonplace that you won’t even notice it. What started as an interesting perk will soon become necessary for companies hoping to attract and retain talent. And why? Because in 2022, employees will be much pickier about where they spend their money—more than ever before. Companies that provide free food will have an easy way to win their hearts and wallets.

Six Months Paid Sabbatical

Sabbatical leave is defined as a long break from work. Employers offer this to reduce burnout, and the leave can last for six months to even a year. This new perk is a great way to keep your best employees around while they’re raising a family or traveling the world. Some companies might even reimburse you for purchasing life insurance. If you know you’ll need it, pay for your life insurance and then take six months off—your employer will give you back what you put in when you return to work.

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Pet-Friendly Environment

Today, an increasing number of businesses are going beyond pet-friendly offices and encouraging employees to bring their furry friends to work. With studies showing pets reduce stress in many people, it’s not surprising that workplace wellness programs are increasingly becoming pet-friendly. Companies with a corporate wellness program now offer pet insurance or reimbursement for employee pet expenses!

Yearly Health Check-Up

As you can see, health care costs have skyrocketed in recent years—and they’re expected to keep increasing over time. One way to cut down on these expenses is by offering free yearly health check-ups as an employee perk. These examinations can diagnose and treat various conditions before they become severe or expensive, giving your employees peace of mind while saving your company money.

You can also provide health services like dental cleanings and teeth whitening sessions that are less comprehensive but just as important. Regular check-ups will help identify cavities or other problems that need attention early on. Teeth whitening can help make a smile look cleaner and more professional at work. And providing quick access to these treatments can boost productivity and boost staff morale too.

Student Loan Assistance

As college costs continue to rise, so do student loan payments. In fact, as of 2022, 43.4 million borrowers have federal student loan debt—and these numbers are only increasing as more and more students take out loans to pay for higher education. If you’re looking to recruit top talent, start with offering assistance with their educational debt burden. Even small amounts can make a big difference when recruiting top talent!

Long Vacation Time

Many people are starting to work shorter hours and take more extended vacations to avoid burnout. If you want your employees to be happy and productive, try implementing a 5-day week with two weeks off per year. In addition, encourage a few hours of vacation time every day—it’s good for morale! All too often, employee wellness programs are used to solve problems instead of being used as a tool for employees to win games or rewards for themselves. Changing that mindset can make everyone happier and healthier when health programs include fun challenges, monetary prizes, or perks.

Lunch Stipend

In a world where many employees work outside their homes and have limited cooking facilities, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to cover employee lunch costs. It also gives employees more freedom to choose healthier, better-for-you options while they eat. As our society becomes ever-more health conscious, we can expect to see even more employers pick up part or all of their workers’ lunch tab.

Employees want to feel valued, loved, and appreciated. It will be a reality in 2022 as more companies realize that happy employees mean satisfied customers who buy more products/services. The new employee perks will be tailored towards making them feel appreciated, motivated, and fulfilled by their work at that company.

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