3 Things to Focus on to Make the Most of a Bathroom Remodel

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A bathroom renovation doesn’t come cheap. Just updating the tiling on the walls and floors, can break the bank. But you can avoid draining your pockets easily with this one important strategy: know which to focus on. If you know the areas that will make the most difference in your bathroom’s aesthetics and function, it follows that you’ll be able to direct a big chunk of your budget there and get the most value for your investment.

That said, these are the things you need to keep an eye on when remodeling your bathroom:


All those sophisticated finishes and fixtures won’t matter if you can’t move in the space without bumping into a counter space or a toilet. The layout should be your first priority then. It dictates the functionality of the entire space. Here’s what you have to do: go to your bathroom area and list down everything that’s keeping you from doing what you’re supposed to do. Everything. Even the small things.

For example, the common bathroom layout booboo: the tapware placed under the shower head that you had to squeeze yourself to the corner when turning the knob to avoid being jarringly splashed by hot or cold water. Or this: the towel rails so far from the shower or tub area that you’d wet the entire bathroom before getting yourself dried. The placement of bathroom elements in your space is crucial. Don’t make the same mistakes. Place your tapware near the entrance of the shower. Keep your tower rails close to the bathing area, but not too close that they’d be wet before you use them.


Unfortunately, lighting is often one of the last considerations in bathroom remodeling projects. It’s ‘just’ lighting, many would say. But here’s the thing, you won’t be able to perfect your winged eyeliner or shave your facial hair properly if you don’t have good lighting. So, ignore that urge to keep this at the bottom of your must-have list. Prioritize natural lighting. Have enough windows in the space. Make sure they’re placed where they should be.

Hire professional window cleaning services to ensure the quality of work and the result. Beyond the natural light, you should also have an ambient, accent, and task lighting. Ambient, as you know, is the general lighting. Recessed lighting is a good option. The accent is for highlighting the focal point of the bathroom, say, a glass shower area or a window with an outdoor view. For the task lighting, use pendant lights near your vanity mirror.

well-lit bathroom


Ultimately, it’s the materials that you use in different areas in the bathroom that will make it pop and stand out. So before you start tearing down walls, it’s good to decide on finishes you’ll use on these key sections: flooring, cabinets, countertops, and bath fixtures. The best way to tackle this is to go to a showroom to get some inspiration.

Of course, scrolling through Pinterest is more convenient, but when you see the real thing in a real space, you get to appreciate better the visual appeal of each material. So prioritize going to an interior designer’s gallery hall. Take pictures. Jot down notes. Get price estimates.

Again, remodeling projects aren’t inexpensive, especially when you’re dealing with your ‘most sacred, most personal’ space, the bathroom. But you can make the most of your budget when you know which to focus on. So, focus on these elements mentioned. Go get your dream space.

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