5 Gigs You Should Not Overlook for a Wedding


While most wedding parties have already sorted out the essential roles when it comes to assigning family and friends for the big day, people often overlook the staff that is there to make it happen and keep things going. Of course, there are a plethora of jobs that come out of a wedding from the planning process alone. Who makes the gown? Who arranges the flowers? Those and many more questions are answered by adding more jobs on to the list.

But what are the hired roles that can end up having the most significant impact on how smooth the big day goes? Read on.


The wedding bartender will have to contend with all of the guests clamoring for drinks, with stats showing that over half of wedding attendees prefer a booze-filled reception and would enjoy the event less if they couldn’t drink. Not only will the bartender tend to their needs, but it will also be pretty crucial to keep things in order despite the flowing alcohol and not turn the party into a mess (especially if you opt for open bar). After all, the same poll revealed that people consume an average of almost four drinks at weddings, which can spell fun or trouble depending on said drinks and guests’ tolerance.


The catering team is going to be among the most tired at the end of the night. That is especially if the couple keeps a buffet open throughout the afterparty. A well-coordinated caterer will serve food on time and without sacrificing quality or flavor, and even be able to coordinate with other suppliers in the wedding for the best set-up and timeline for doling out treats to satiate both friends from college and that one nitpicky aunt.


Weddings are a major event and life milestone that always beg to be well-documented for years to come, with not just photographs from guests but official photogs and videographers capturing key moments throughout the big day. Skipping out on an excellent visual team can lead to missed moments or laughable photos that aren’t that great to look back on. Videographers are on the scene throughout the wedding and reception and are tasked with splicing everything together correctly (especially for that same-day edit people love).

wedding planner


How could things go smoothly without the presence of the wedding planner? Whoever bears this role is tasked with ensuring that not only is the program followed on time but that mishaps can be solved quickly and disasters averted. In the absence of a planner, this event has too many areas that could cause the whole thing to go up in flames.


This one is practically a no-brainer. The primary point is to create a union between two people, in the eyes of the law, religion, or both. How else would that be done without the officiant? Plus, a suitable officiant will also find a way to have a compelling speech to kick things off and get everybody on board, whether they opt for a completely serious route or a chiller take.

Around 2.3 million couples get wed every year in the US, and that results in a ton of jobs from more intimate weddings to huge gatherings. These gigs are just part of some of the biggest special occasions (both in scope and impact).

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