An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Protecting Assets and Dealing With Liabilities

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Most people work an entire lifetime only to retire after the late fifties or sixties. Assuming you do not have a lottery to bank upon, working hard is necessary to retire comfortably. That is what most people do. In this process, you might assemble many assets and have to deal with several liabilities. It would help if you found out means to protect your property and other assets. Otherwise, you can face bankruptcy. Creditors may also make a beeline for it.

There are various scenarios, which can force you to part with your assets. Most people do not think about such things until they occur. Here you will know about the various methods through which you can protect your hard-earned assets.

Protection Caps for Individual Retirement Accounts

This is one of the first ways you can protect your assets. Your IRA or Individual Retirement Account carries a protection cap of $1 million. If you ever face bankruptcy, you can head to court for protection. Bankruptcy courts can increase or decrease the amount, depending on the situation.

Homesteads as Protection

A house, or apartment, or mansion may be the result of immense hard work. People work an entire lifetime to create it. And to see it going to someone else for no fault of yours can be devastating. The amount of the asset protection value for your home differs from one state to another. You can avail yourself of complete protection and no protection, too. So study your state laws before depending on them.

Asset Protection Trusts

Wealthy individuals, until some time back, parked all their assets offshore. Some went as far as the Cook Islands and Nevis, too. However, you have to shell out a lot of money as a fee to establish such trusts. Now, things are different. Currently, states like Dakota and Nevada allow Asset Protection Trusts to operate. These trusts offer you funds to be held on a discretionary basis.

You need not reside in the given location to operate a trust. However, you have to ensure that specific clauses be included. They include the spendthrift clause, and it must be irrevocable.

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Protecting Your Vehicles

Considering you are a businessman with vehicles in your company name, keep them safe. You can protect your car with the help of insurance or LLC Asset Protection. You can schedule regular maintenance checks to protect your vehicle and keep it well maintained. Moreover, you can also ensure that it looks stylish and polished. For this, you can seek assistance from a company providing auto detailing services. Such companies can apply paint protective coats, increase or reduce the tints, and enhance the visuals of your vehicle, both internally and externally.

Dealing With Liabilities

You will come across various liabilities like wages payable, taxes payable, mortgages, and bank debts. Everyone knows how stress comes into play when you are in debt. There are a few things that you can do to ease it off. Solve it quickly, with some careful afterthought.

  • Contact your lenders if you think you are unable to repay. You might feel that your finances are spiraling downwards. In such a case, it is better to get the lender in confidence. Most credit card companies can offer you some hardship programs. These may allow you to delay the payment until a particular time. You may also be able to avail yourself of long-term plans to pay them off. The crucial factor here is communication; without it, you might not find any help.
  • In another scenario, your debt collector may have already called you up. You can discuss and arrive at a common solution. A realistic repayment might just be the solution you need. In the U.S., you can find many professionals who can assist you in discussing and negotiating your options.
  • Get in touch with a credit counselor. This is very common today, especially after the pandemic, as many people have taken this route. These counselors represent non-profit organizations, and hence, can guide you appropriately. However, remember that you have to disclose everything from start to finish. Only then can a credit counseling agency assist you further. Mortgage counseling also comes into the picture if you have taken a loan for your workspace.

You ought to be a bit careful when looking for debt relief. Numerous companies promise to help you get rid of your debts. Moreover, they make blatant promises that differ from reality. It would be best if you considered all the options at hand. Ensure to check if the company has a debt settlement plan or a consolidation loan. Also, keep in mind that many lenders do not work with debt settlement companies. Know your options beforehand.

Whether it’s protecting an asset or dealing with liability in your company, collecting all the information and planning is the key. Talk to the experts, seek guidance, and strategize accordingly to achieve your goals.

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