Au Naturale: How to Create a Hip and Earth-Friendly Store

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When looking for shopfitting solutions for a small business that promotes health, wellness, natural living, and care for the environment, you may find your options to be quite limited. In reality, your niche provides you with a multitude of possibilities and ways to get crafty, creative, and committed to a cause. It will give all your nifty endeavors a sense of direction. In turn, that will unite the many fixtures of your store in design and theme.

Here’s how to create an earth-friendly clothing shop.

Be focused.

Once your customer steps inside, they should be able to see at once what kind of store you have and what kind of products and services you are offering, such as sturdy shoes, recyclable clothing, and eco-friendly toiletries. The area should exude environmental ambience. The room should be as naturally lit as possible or have light hues that replicate sunlight on a fine day. The walls should be panelled with natural-looking wood fixtures, and the shelves and other fittings should ideally be made of different hues and kinds of wood to tease the eye. The same goes for seats, which should include wooden stools and benches. Do not use fur, even if it’s fake fur, as this causes issues with certain people. For ventilation, try to get in as much wind as possible if it’s an outdoor store.

Be creative.

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Spice the store up by adding potted plants or artificial plants. Use fake vines with colorful leaves and flowers across store signs and sale posters. It’s recommendable to have light, airy music. The classical and instrumental music are good options, but if you want a more hip vibe, you can never go wrong with catchy country-pop songs. The vibe you’re giving is of a natural hipster vibe, not a modern urban one, so it is best to stray from techno, dance, hip-hop, or urban. It is, of course, a rule that can be broken, especially when you’re a fusion brand that combines the urban with the natural.

Be genuine.

Inform your patrons about the products you’re offering in small museum-type signs around the products. For example, if the ingredients in your perfumes come from a specific farm or if they are made using a special type of herb or flower, present it by using a short informative paragraph or bullet points to get the customers’ attention. Write about how the products are beneficial to one’s health and the environment. You should consider donating a portion of your earnings to a cause. You can let your patrons know about this so that they know their purchases have a purpose.

Niche stores can be a bit difficult to pull off, but they always lure the right kind of people in. They are the special kind suited for your products and who may be potential loyal customers who will return for more and newer products. You should be mindful of taking care of them and that they get what they want. Then you can expand your reach when you’ve established your store and brand. One way to do it is to be clear about who you are and what you’re trying to do, and the rest will follow.

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