Business Owners’ Guide to Raising Healhy Dogs

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It’s no secret that dogs have been man’s best friend for years, and people couldn’t agree more. In Los Angeles alone, over 1,163,205 people are dog owners. An array of pups makes those numbers, but chihuahuas make up the most, dominating 15.6% of the entire dog population in Los Angeles, with German Shepherds, Labrador retrievers, and Terrier mixes after them. Many of the owners are entrepreneurs who raise dogs for business, security, stress relief, or out of their love for the animals and breed of their choice.

Because there are so many dogs in the city, small pet businesses use web development services to keep their websites up and running 24/7. This way, they are easily found by customers and community members who want to buy products or services related to pet care for their dogs.

If you’ve recently adopted a dog or are planning to get one, here are some tips for you.

Start a Raw Diet and Avoid the Kibble

Whether you adopted a puppy or a grown dog, it’s best to start with a raw diet as soon as you get them home. That’s because dry commercial dog food or ‘kibble’ is extremely unhealthy for dogs since it’s actually ‘dead food’ containing no live enzymes due to industrial preparation processes, making it starchy carbohydrates with no actual nutritional value. It can cause several dog illnesses, including allergies, an abrupt increase in blood sugar, digestive issues, and more.

That’s why it’s best to switch with a nutrient-rich diet because it’s healthier for their teeth, bones, coat, skin, and overall health, providing the proper nutrients for healthy growth.

Teach Basic Commands

dog poutingWhen dogs get overexcited, they tend to jump or rough play with other people or pups, and though it’s relatively safe behavior, not many individuals will agree with that. To prevent accidents and avoid misunderstandings, you need to teach your dogs early the basic commands like ‘stay,’ ‘sit,’ or ‘down.’


Like with humans, exercise is essential for dogs but overdoing it can stress their joints. That’s why it’s best to regulate it. The recommended activity for older dogs or low energy dogs is at least 45 minutes of walking while 2 hours for high energy pups. However, if you see your dog’s tired, don’t force them and let them rest.

Schedule Playdates

Regardless if you have an older dog or a high-energy pup, play sessions are always beneficial for their physical and mental health while giving you a friendly, well-rounded pet. During playtime, dogs determine their role in the social hierarchy and let them see how to approach or interact with their species correctly. You can achieve this by having your friend’s dog or puppy visit you at home, take your dog out for a walk while on a leash, or in an off-leash fenced setting.

Provide the Right Toys

When a dog or puppy experiences boredom or anxiety, it can lead to destructive behavior such as incessant barking or chewing up shoes and furniture. You can ease both by finding toys that stimulate their minds, such as puzzle games and other ‘brain toys.’ It’s also wise to change them up regularly to avoid them getting bored.

Besides embracing the tips mentioned, it’s essential to have a community of pet owners and a list of service providers to help care for your dog on your speed dial, ensuring their happiness, safety, health, and well-being. While you’re busy running your business, make sure you still have time for your furry friend/s.

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