Brick and Mortar: Seven Businesses That Thrive amid the Pandemic

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The pandemic has disrupted businesses of all sizes, whether big or small. Last year was quite difficult as some companies were forced to shut down. While some went on a temporary closure, others had a permanent one.

This year, many businesses have started to reopen. A year after the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s clear to see what store types have survived and thrived. For the most part, we think of eCommerce stores and online services that have flourished. However, some physical stores have become relevant and beneficial during the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are seven thriving brick-and-mortar businesses amidst the pandemic.

1. Grocery Stores

Among all types of brick-and-mortar businesses, grocery stores are a clear winner during the pandemic. Of course, foods and drinks are basic human needs. Without them, people won’t survive and live. It’s good that grocery stores exist in many localities in big cities and even small towns. As they are deemed essential businesses, they remain open to provide the local food supplies. But they set health and safety measures like mask-wearing and social distancing. Some even offer delivery services for safety and convenience.

2. Pharmacies

Pharmacies are one of the few brick-and-mortar stores that have remained open since the COVID-19 outbreak. Even during strict lockdowns, they continued to operate to provide for the medical needs of people. They are considered an essential part of the healthcare system in taking care of the public. They provide medications, medical supplies, and other critical healthcare services. Even pharmacists have been at the frontline of combating the global health crisis.

3. Cleaning Service Providers

Cleanliness has become a top priority of many households and even property managers during the pandemic. The goal is to keep their space free of the different variants of the novel coronavirus. For this reason, cleaning service providers have become in demand during the pandemic. They offer both residential and commercial cleaning services, which go beyond cleaning alone. They also provide complete sanitation and disinfection to keep the place free of the COVID-19 infection. Ultimately, the cleaning industry will remain in demand in the next few years to come.

4. Liquor and Wine Stores

Did you know that most liquor and wine stores have boosted their sales during the pandemic? It is expected as non-essential bars have been closed in many parts of the world. As such, individuals and families have resorted to purchasing bottles of wine and liquor. They have even bought in stocks due to on-and-off lockdowns. As a result, some liquor and wine stores have had to keep up with the demand. But if anything, the pandemic has increased their sales.

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5. Baking Suppliers

Cooking has become all the rage among many families during the pandemic. As people have got stuck at home, they’ve prepared different foods and explored unique dishes. But there’s another hobby that many households have ventured into—baking. It’s one effective way to reduce one’s stress and tap one’s creativity. As such, they started investing in baking tools and equipment as well as baking supplies. As a result, this has led to the sales increase of bread-baking suppliers. These suppliers are among those fortunate brick-and-mortar stores that have flourished during the pandemic.

6. Fitness Equipment Suppliers

Many fitness centers and wellness studios closed last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, some of these businesses have started to reopen. However, health and safety protocols are set in place. Still, many individuals and families choose to work out in the comfort of their homes. In fact, most of them have already set up a home gym and invested in workout tools and equipment. It is, for this reason, the sales of fitness equipment businesses have boomed during the pandemic.

7. Gun Stores

Surprisingly, hunting has become popular in the US during the pandemic. Some individuals have gone into hunting to have outdoor leisure and provide food supplies to their families. There has been a sales increase in gun purchases and hunting licenses. Gun stores are among those brick-and-mortar stores that have flourished during the pandemic. They even get a gun-store insurance underwriting service to protect their firearm business and avoid potential risks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed many challenges to businesses worldwide. But on the other side of the spectrum, it has presented some companies with new opportunities. As such, some physical stores have managed to survive and thrive—from grocery stores to cleaning services up to gun stores. As a relevant brick-and-mortar store in a COVID-19 world, capitalize on the momentum to grow and expand your business.

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