Cool and Fun Welding Projects You Should Try Out

pipe lamp

Welding is a useful skill to have. Learning it opens you up to a vast array of different DIY projects you can undertake for improving your home or even as a side gig that you can use to supplement your income. If you’ve got the right tools and you think you have accumulated enough experience with handling them, here are some projects to try out for fun and to help you hone your abilities.

Pipe lamp

This project is a great piece to have if you want to go for that industrial look or you want to have a steampunk aesthetic, and it all depends on what shapes you form and how you put it together. It can be a good idea to make use of pipe stands for welding, especially if you’re going to be using repurposed piping that will need to be adjusted aside from merely welding the joints together to create the shape you want.

It’s also important to take note that you’ll have to be careful about looping your wiring through this. So it’s best to map out the design that you are going for and not wing it. The difficulty level for this one depends on the intricacy that you’re aiming for and how much pipe you’ll be using, which will be determined by the type of lamp you createfloor, wall, or desk.


A firepit can be one of the easiest welding projects to make. With the right steel or other types of metal, you can set it up in a shape that suits your style, whether you want a simple minimalistic pit, a futuristic-looking set-up, or a decked-out installation that can fit right in with a medieval fantasy setting.

For this particular project, your design will also determine how much time and difficulty there will be in finishing it, but basic know-how in welding and cutting can get you a functional pit. The basic set-up may need steel plate sheeting for the actual body and some rebar for the stand or legs. Of course, more advanced welders can have a little more creative freedom with their execution, but this shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Bike frame

bike with framed painting in the background

If you want something a little more exciting with which you can test out your capabilities of creating a sturdy and reliable final output, you can customize your own bicycle frame. Though it may seem a little complicated off the bat, it’s not considered one of the more challenging projects and can be done with a bit of time, effort, and focus. For this one, you’ll need to break out the pipe stand and alignment clips again, as there is quite a bit less of a margin for error allowed in this project if you want it to be functional.

However, there are a lot of basic instructional references available. You can do this project with welding tools, suitable tubing, and a decent design framework to follow.

Whichever one of these ideas you decide to try for yourself, you can add useful items to your arsenal. Who knows? You might even develop your skills through these projects. So it’s time weld up.

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