Guide to Making Your Designer Shoes Last

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Designer shoes aren’t just luxury items, they’re an investment too. However, their worth heavily depends on their condition. If they end up damaged, no matter how unnoticeable it might be, it’s going to make a dent in its actual value.

Many enthusiasts and collectors of designer brand clothing and accessories go as far as customizing their closets, so they can store their pieces in a relatively controlled environment. From temperature to light exposure, these things are taken note of in its building. That is why there are a lot of custom closet franchise opportunities because of this niche yet evident market.

Maybe you express the same desire and concern when it comes to storing and maintaining designer shoes. Here are some helpful tips that will safeguard the quality of your shoes while protecting them as investments:

Place Them in a Cool, Dry Place

Having a designated space for storage is the best place to start. Give your shoes ample space, so they don’t touch and are able to keep their form. It’s important that they are stored away from direct sunlight and artificial light to avoid discoloration. Ideally, they should be stored in a temperature-regulated room too. Avoid humidity and moisture so that the material and fit do not suffer. In addition, put them in their original dust bag.

Invest in Shoe Trees

Nobody wants to see their expensive shoes become deformed and wrinkled over time. To help keep their shape, invest in shoe trees. Shoe trees are inexpensive, with a wide range to choose from. These ingenious tools will ensure that your shoes are properly stuffed, preventing them from becoming crushed and deformed in storage.

Install Sole Protectors

Sole protectors are another thing worth investing in. sole protectors do just that–protect the soles of shoes. They are placed at the bottom of the soles, making it a long while before your designer shoes need to be resoled. They come in different forms, including rubber, tape, leather, and more. Like shoe trees, they are affordable and accessible both in your local shoe store and online.

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Don’t Forget To Invest in Maintenance Products Too

Keeping your shoes safely tucked away isn’t enough to help them withstand the test of time.  If you want to preserve the quality of your shoes, effort should be put into caring for them. This is where proper and routine maintenance comes in. if you haven’t yet, it’s time to purchase suede or leather treatment, waxes, conditioners, and more for maintenance. Waterproof spray should also be something worth getting. Although it’s more of a preventative measure, it does help preserve the condition of shoes. It’s a lifesaver on rainy days accidental wine spills too.

Categorize Accordingly

There are many ways to go about categorizing shoes. It can be by occasion, from old to new, or most frequently worn to least frequently worn. A great tip to keep in mind is to keep the most used shoes the most accessible for your convenience. It’ll save you more time in the morning too, especially when you’re dealing with decision fatigue.

Purge Your Shoe Collection

To maximize your space and the use of your shoes, don’t be afraid to purge. Which shoes are you willing to let go of and which ones are you fine with keeping? Which ones are getting an ample amount of use and which ones were bought on impulse? Some pairs of shoes need more upkeep than others, and maybe that can be a factor too. Go through your collection and ask yourself which ones spark joy and which ones don’t.

Have a Trusted Shoe Doctor

Nobody needs potentially irreversible damage on their favorite pair of heels before they find a shoe doctor. Ask around and do your research online for a skilled and reliable shoe doctor beforehand so when something does happen, the shoes in question will get immediate care. Your local shoe doctor isn’t for emergencies only. They can perform regular maintenance and check-ups for shoes too. Their trained eye and skilled hands will be an asset to making shoes last.

Buying designer shoes is one thing but maintaining their condition is another. Many people don’t realize that it’s the upkeep that really preserves the condition of shoes. Many too can buy multiple pairs of shoes without the slightest idea of the consequences if these aren’t given the attention they deserve. By knowing how to maintain and care for your designer shoes, you’ll preserve their original condition while getting as much wear as you can from them.

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