Figuring out What’s Causing Your Allergies

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Allergies can be seasonal, or they can be triggered by the specific environment you are in. Do you find your allergies getting better when you get out of the house or travel to a different country? Do you suffer from your allergies during the onset of the spring season? While most allergies aren’t life-threatening, they hinder you from enjoying your life. You can work out with an allergist to find the cause of your allergies.

Removing Trees

Once you figure out what’s causing your allergies, it’s time to act on it. Some people are allergic to the microscopic mold spores found in trees. You can look for a tree service in Salt Lake City that can prune, trim, and remove trees. You should make sure, however, that your tree isn’t protected by any laws. Some ancient trees cannot be removed just as easily as newer trees. Check with your local municipality regarding the removal of trees in your property.

Do you know that people can be allergic to Christmas trees? That might explain why you suffer from allergies during the Christmas season. You aren’t allergic to the tree itself. It could be the pine fragrance from the trees or the ornaments and lights that have been contaminated by dust. A study found that trees carry more than 53 different types of mold, so that’s another thing you need to worry about.

Inspecting the House

You might have hidden mold spores in your house. Check the basement where it is moist and dark all year round. Mold and mildew could be thriving in your basement and attic. That’s why it pays to clean your house from top to bottom at least every few months. This prevents mold from gathering into these dark and cold areas of the house.

You could be suffering from a mold allergy. The symptoms of a mold allergy are very similar to other allergies. If you have a runny nose and dry, scaling skin, that can be a sign that you have a mold allergy. Check your house for places where mold might be present. Don’t attempt to remove mold with your bare hands. You’ll get more infected. Use a mixture of water and bleach mold cleaner to kill the mold.

Cleaning the House

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Dust mites affect the quality of indoor air. These are the most common causes of allergies. They can trigger asthma, allergic rhinitis, and eczema. If you have an air purifier, you’ll be surprised to find how bad the indoor air quality is in your house. And while air purifiers are effective at removing toxins and contaminants, it is up to you to clean your house of dust mites, cockroaches, mold, pollen, and pet dander.

Ironically, the process of cleaning the house could be triggering your allergies more. Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming can stir up the dust particles, further polluting the air in your house. You need to change your house cleaning routine. Wear a mask when cleaning. Remove drapes and carpets from the remove or at least, regularly clean them so that they won’t collect dust. If you think that you are allergic to pet dander, keep your pets out of the room. Let them stay in the part of the house where they’ll be comfortable without triggering your allergies.

Allergies are a nuisance. They don’t come with a schedule. You suffer through them at the most inconvenient time. So you must do your best to keep your environment as allergen-free as possible.

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