Increasing Foot Traffic: 3 Reasons Customers Aren’t Going to Your Store


In brick-and-mortar shops, storefronts are everything. It’s the measure by which people judge whether they’re interested or not. If you fail to capture their attention within the first couple of seconds that they glimpse your store, chances are low that they’ll walk in.

There are many reasons why even a well-designed exterior can fail to increase your foot traffic. If you think yours isn’t doing the trick, see if you can relate to any of these three cases.

You Make a Poor First Impression

To be more specific, you make a poor first impression on your target demographic. It’s a common error when designing your storefront. All the effort goes into making it attractive without considering who your products or services intend to gratify.

If your target is teenagers, consider which pop culture trends they’ll respond to. Strike a balance with your store’s branding so that it’s easier for them to remember you. The same applies when catering to adults and elderlies. Narrow your research to trends applicable in your location. If you’re aiming to provide a mix of good coffee and biophilic design to consumers in Florida, consider commercial landscaping services in Hernando County. It’s always a good idea to throw in natural elements to make your exterior more pleasing to the eyes.

Update your marketing efforts to trends applicable to your store. It’s by working with specific goals that you’ll bring in more customers.

People Don’t Know What You Offer

It sounds unlikely, but it happens. Your choice of aesthetic can confuse people to the point that they’d rather not see what’s inside. A similar problem occurs with vague shop names. Combine the two, and you’ll repel people from your store.

Maybe you do deliver the message that you’re selling vegan ice cream or menswear. What potential customers want to see is a reason they should buy from you instead of your competitor across the street. Marketing what you offer is more than displaying clothes and shoes on your display window. It’s relaying to everyone who passes by that your products and services are of higher quality, more affordable prices, or gives a new experience.

This applies to any brick-and-mortar storefront. Take the time to examine yours from different angles to see what image you’re projecting. Doing this will make any refurbishing you do more efficient.

Store sign

Your Signage Doesn’t Stand Out

What’s the use of signage if your exterior already markets your store well? The answer is simple: it helps you stand out even more. If you’re located in a busy district, you need the help of proper signages to attract attention.

You have to expect that people aren’t always going out to shop for the things you sell. Signages pique their interest and compel them to consider whatever you’re offering.

Use materials that you can position perpendicular to your storefront. This makes it easier for people passing by to notice a sale you’re having or an event you’re hosting. Unless your display window décor is eye-catching, it’s challenging to grab the attention of moving people without the help of outdoor signage.

You might not get it right the first time, even when you make the correct evaluation of your store. Don’t get discouraged. It’s through persistence and a positive attitude that you’ll discover what design and marketing strategies work best for your business.

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