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Climate change and global warming are now reaching an inflection point or a point of no return. It’s inevitable, considering how the world has been producing greenhouse gases the past few years. So it’s up to everyone to ensure that everyone reduces their greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years. Everyone can do this by joining industries that are making a huge difference in the world.

Electric Vehicles

Among all the industries in-charge of saving everyone from climate change, the electric vehicle industry is the one that’s profiting the most. It’s one of the most iconic industries helping everyone become ever more aware of carbon emissions. It’s also one of the best businesses to start with decent funding.

A singular passenger vehicle in the United States can emit over four metric tons of carbon emissions annually. That’s a lot of carbon emissions if you consider the more than 300 million people living in the country. This runs to about billions of metric tons of carbon emissions from personal transportation alone. Thankfully, this particular industry is changing the way everyone emits carbon emissions.

Electric vehicles or EVs are at the forefront of the fight against climate change, and investors know it. Certain big automotive companies are outbidding their competitors to get ahead of the competition and produce more EVs by 2030. For example, General Motors has invested a staggering $6 billion to become an industry leader this year.

GM used to be a traditional company responsible for building vehicles that emit tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Now it looks like it’s turning a new leaf. Every automotive manufacturer is doing the same thing to save the planet while also turning a profit.

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Sustainable Food

The next in line is sustainable food. Did you know that food production is responsible for over a quarter of greenhouse emissions every year? That’s about 17 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases emitted by the industry. This is why sustainable food is making an impact in the world.

Sustainable food is all about producing healthy food for the environment and is beneficial for everyone. The process of sustainable food is complex but achievable. Essentially, it aims to not fully eradicate traditional agriculture methods, which emit tons of greenhouse gases in the air. Rather, sustainable food aims to provide an eco-friendly alternative to those interested, and it turns out millions of Americans are interested.

Memphis Meat, a restaurant that’s pioneering sustainable food by utilizing biotechnology to produce meat from the lab, is receiving millions of investments from huge conglomerates like SoftBank. This means that this particular business is booming and one you should join if you have decent funding.

Lawn Care

So far, most of the industries on this list require millions of funding. What about a business that you can start for as little as $10,000? Well, if you’re interested, a lawn care business is one of the cheapest businesses to start and one that’s also profitable while saving the planet.

Lawn care is an essential service for trees and plants in their backyard. Trees and plants in America’s backyard can suck up to two million carbon emissions annually. Imagine that number growing exponentially through your company. So a local tree service can do a lot more for the planet than you think. Joining its ranks could be beneficial for you and the planet. The best part is that it’s cheap and easy to start. So try this business out now!

Renewable Energy

Last but not least is renewable energy. The renewable energy sector is filled with small and big competitors alike, but their goal remains the same: to rid the world of the significant carbon emissions that the fossil fuel industry is hurling into the atmosphere.

The fossil fuel industry is responsible for most of the carbon emissions in the United States. Sadly, only a small percentage of households are utilizing renewable energy for their homes. But this number will soon rise as more enter the industry and as renewable energy becomes cheaper than fossil fuels.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs who want to take a risk in this industry because it will soon become the only way the world produces energy in the future. There are also many in the fossil fuel industry who are willing to make the transition to renewable energy. This is becoming one of the biggest industries in the world, and soon enough, the US will be filled with renewable energy before the end of 2050.

These industries have the planet’s life in their hands. This makes them essential to the future. So join these industries if you want to turn a profit while also saving our planet.

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