Is It Smart to Sell Plants and Gardening-Related Products Online?


If you’re already selling plants at your local farmers’ market or have people visiting your farm directly to purchase some of your nursery stock and other gardening supplies, you’ve likely thought about expanding your business into the internet.

While online stores or e-commerce websites haven’t replaced brick-and-mortar plant and gardening supply retailers completely, they’re undoubtedly changing the face of the industry, making selling plants and other gardening wares online a smart move.

This strategy can significantly boost your bottom line—provided that you have your business banking records and other crucial documents intact.

If you’re considering taking your business online but still have second thoughts, here are more reasons why it’s smart to bring your plant and gardening supplies business online and which the best platforms are for selling your products.

It Gives the Consumers What They ‘Exactly’ Want

When you sell plants and gardening supplies online, it allows consumers to order what they need directly from their devices as they walk around their gardens or home, allowing them to visualize and know what they want.


It Offers Better Customer Communication

Selling online offers a more efficient way of communicating with the new generation of shoppers connected to mobile technologies than when you solely sell in brick-and-mortar stores. This factor gives you valuable data and helps you improve your marketing strategy.

It Helps You Keep Track of Trends in the Market

The same model has the same effects for the Business-to-Business (B2B) aspects of supply chains. Greenhouse growers can connect with retail clients better thanks to the convenience of ordering online. They also gain access to reliable resources sharing data on trends, allowing them to keep up to date on what consumers want—helping them make better-timed promotions or inventory specials.

Breeders or producers can also communicate in real-time with customers, extending their marketing more efficiently. Overall, online selling makes the industry more streamlined and connected to consumers—resulting in bigger profit and growth.

The Best Selling Platforms for Plants and Gardening Products

Because of the internet and other digital advancements, you’re given different choices regarding selling your plants and gardening products. However, the best options are to sell them on your very own e-commerce website or through a third-party vendor.

If you choose to make an e-commerce site for your business, you won’t need to worry about deduction fees or competition from other vendors. But you’ll need to build a large enough audience to make a profit, which can be challenging when you’re a startup. That’s why many vendors opt for third-party companies like Amazon and Etsy, as it allows them to reach millions in a short time, but you need to stand out among the thousands of other vendors.

Choose what works best for you, but no matter what platform you choose, in the beginning, it’s best to focus on selling to locals near your area or limiting your plant species to those native to your home region.

If you have a passion for plants and all things related to gardening, you have the power to turn it into a lucrative business. The internet gives you numerous opportunities to connect with plant fanatics, botanists, and homeowners looking to spruce up their spaces, making it a worthy business venture to look into.

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