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Suppose you plan to launch a venture to earn added income or fulfill your dream as an entrepreneur. This is the perfect time to realize your dreams. This time is perfect because you have free time in your hands if you work remotely and there are demands these days that elicit lucrative profits.

Entering into business means being open to possibilities and taking advantage of opportunities. Thousands of big and small enterprises indeed went under this and the past year. Still, it spawned ventures that operate primarily to accommodate the people’s present needs, which have surfaced during the pandemic.

It’s not always a great idea to base an enterprise on a temporary demand. But it’s still your performance, which is the main deciding factor if you’ll stay in the market for good.

With that said, one of the most in-demand services these days is those of cleaning companies. Cleaning companies battle invisible enemies, making them essential workers. If this business caught your eye, here are some things you need to prepare.

Acquire Licenses and Permits

As with other ventures, you will also need to acquire the licenses and permits required by your city and state to operate; this serves legitimate purposes and gives your brand a trustworthy image. For a cleaning company, you’d need a business permit and a Doing Business As (DBA) registration so that you can start your services in multiple locations.

Promote Your Business

Marketing a cleaning company is pretty much similar to other ventures, but you also have the option of going door to door and distributing fliers to advertise your services. For efficient marketing, you can talk to community leaders, company admins, and the owners of other establishments to secure them as clients.

Buying ad space in newspapers is also ideal so that you can expand your reach and appeal to more people. In addition, having a business card with your contact information is an excellent way of spreading knowledge about your company.

Get Your Supplies

You can’t start cleaning without your supplies. Getting suitable cleaning materials to sanitize and disinfect different facilities is essential since these will help you give every establishment an efficient cleaning.

Some things you’ll need are a vacuum cleaner, a broom, and dustpan, sanitizing solutions, and color-coded cloths (for kitchen and bathroom use). Having glass cleaning cloths at hand is imperative to prevent you from accidentally damaging your client’s delicate furniture.

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Protect Yourself with Proper PPE

Pandemic or not, cleaning can still be a dangerous task, especially if you’re vulnerable to allergens that some facilities are teeming with, plus you will also be using chemicals during cleaning, which can be harmful to your skin. Now that there’s a global pandemic, you must level up your protection by wearing the proper masks, gloves, and even a PPE suit if necessary.

Have a Vehicle Ready

You can commute to and from your office and client’s place while laden with your supplies, but that’s incredibly impractical and inefficient, which is why you’ll need a vehicle you can use to move from place to place quickly. If you already have a car available, the more, the better. But if you don’t but know someone you can rent a ride from, that will also do. If you borrow a vehicle, you should acquire a non-owner SR22 insurance policy so that you can get liability coverage should you run into accidents.

Hire More Employees

Cleaning is a task you cannot do alone, considering that you’re servicing a big establishment or a residential area with numerous floors. You can operate your business independently, but it’s better to create a team with assigned tasks to give clients outstanding service. With more employees, you can also clean different establishments simultaneously, which will give way for added revenue.

Consider Customer Feedback

Considering customer feedback is something you can do once you have been operating for a while. Although you have indeed equipped yourself with the best materials and accomplished tasks as efficiently and meticulously as your skills allow, there’s still room for your clients to leave comments.

For a novice business, predecessors and clients serve as guides in enhancing operations, so albeit some comments may be a little harsh, you need to take it with a grain of salt and improve your service. You can think of your client’s comments as free lessons that you can use to better your operations.

Establishing a cleaning business is probably the riskiest venture one can launch during a global pandemic since it requires exposing yourself to places that may house the very virus causing this almost two-year struggle. But it is also the risk and difficulties that make success taste all the sweeter.

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