Landscaping during the Pandemic: A Look Into the Landscaping Industry


The pandemic has damaged many known industries today. Many social sectors such as tourism and the restaurant industry took big hits earlier this year. However, the home services industry, specifically the landscaping industry, took a big hit as well. This article will inspect what the pandemic has done to the landscaping market and what you can do to avoid these damages.

Landscaping is one of the essential home services out there. There are at least 600,000 landscaping businesses today, and that number is growing every day. Moreover, it is one of the most accessible business models to access, given its format. However, this growth doesn’t mean that the industry is faring well amidst the pandemic.

A Troubled Industry

Every industry is troubled because of the lack of access to clients. Therefore, it isn’t an essential service, which means there is a chance for it to be closed down during quarantine. This is a problematic situation because even if there is an increasing demand for landscaping, the industry can’t serve this demand.

Many landscaping businesses have claimed that the pandemic has delayed some of their income, while a fraction of these businesses have stated that it has ruined their business entirely. But despite this, the market is still expected to grow during the coming years. Why is that? Well, other sub-sectors such as the landscaping equipment sector are booming.

Landscaping Equipment is Booming

People have changed their perspective regarding landscaping, and since they can’t rely on the service, they’ve decided that they can do it themselves. As a result, many people are now investing time in their backyard and gardens, doing their own version of landscaping. This shouldn’t be a serious problem for those renting and selling landscaping equipment because they can profit from it easily.

DIY’s is the way to the future, and many clients want their own landscaping equipment right in their backyard. However, experts have found that they are unwilling to spend on heavy-duty landscaping equipment like a lawnmower. Rather, they prefer to purchase easy-to-carry equipment such asĀ battery-operated leaf blowers and automated trimmers. Leaf blowers are in demand, especially for the autumn season, while automated trimmers are an all-around tool. For equipment like heavy-duty lawnmowers, clients prefer to rent them for the weekend.

Manufacturers and sellers are enjoying this surge of new clients. It has also expanded the market, and now they are accomodating not-so-experienced customers.

How to Survive the Pandemic?

Many landscaping business owners are asking the same question. If you’re not part of the landscaping equipment sub-sector, then you’re going to be experiencing some decreases in cash flow depending on which state your business is in. This can be devastating, especially for landscaping businesses that have only started this year. Experts suggest taking on a loan to keep your business above water for the time.


SBA Loan

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is giving out loans to struggling businesses right now, and you’re going to need that if you want your business to survive this year. In addition, other organizations are giving out loans for a reasonable interest for businesses looking to pay their current debts. Negotiate your way through this and extend deadlines if you can.

Expand to the Landscaping Equipment Subsector

If your tools are sitting in your garage or your office, consider renting them to clients. Moreover, if you have some cash, consider investing in the landscaping equipment sub-sector. Sure, it’ll still be a risk, but knowing that you can sell or rent landscaping equipment at a premium means that you’re earning money despite the pandemic.

Serve Local Clients The Best Way You Can

Ultimately, you’re going to need to build loyalty, and if given a chance to operate, make sure to take advantage of it the best way you can. Give your local clients the best service possible so that they can keep coming back to your company. It can be hard to do it knowing that there will be some days we’re forced to go into quarantine, but once that passes away, you at least have clients who will be needing your service.

Go Online

Lastly, it’s time to go online. Many clients can schedule your landscaping service online, which can help you avoid the mismanagement of projects. It will also help people to discover your company easier since everyone is online nowadays. Therefore, a website should be something you should leverage and invest in if you want your company to survive this pandemic.

The landscaping industry is troubled this year, but then again, what industry isn’t? However, by doing these measures, you should survive by the end of the year. Experts believe that eventually, people will need landscaping services again after the pandemic subsides. But before then, we have to do our best to survive.

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