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The pandemic has truly upended every area of society, not the least of which is how we work and stay productive. It has caused the world to reconsider many of our old ways and why they no longer work. One of the ways humanity has questioned all our traditions is by taking a second look at the concept of nine-to-five work and why it’s not for everyone.

If you’re the type to not thrive in a traditional nine-to-five job, here are some occupations that may allow you to earn more while still being in control of your schedule.

Bail agent

A bail bond business is one where organizations help accused criminals stay out of prison while assisting them in their criminal charges. These businesses earn money by setting up funds to free these individuals, and when they show up for their appointed court dates, bail agents receive a fee.

Another benefit to having this job is that people get to participate in the criminal justice system, and they help accused lawbreakers get their lives back together. It’s one with restorative justice. Not only does it provide job security, but it can also provide economic stability. It also provides flexible hours because you can choose to do it full-time or part-time.

You can become a bondsman in your state by completing the required training and passing your state’s licensing exam. The median salary of bail bond agents is $41,154.

Occupational therapy assistant

Another job that might help you earn more without having to show up at an office for a given schedule is occupational therapy assistant. This job requires helping trained physicians with everything that comes with their job—from performing actual therapy to clerical duties.

These therapists’ assistants also work in various settings, from patine homes to recovery facilities and wellness centers. There is plenty of room for growth since one can decide to go into occupational therapy, not just as an assistant. The flexibility of the occupation will come mostly from the kind of practice you choose once you decide to start. The median salary of occupational therapy assistants is $55,365 to $67,397.

Graphic designer

Everyone and their mothers are trying to get small businesses off the ground ever since the pandemic started, which is why now more than ever, there is a big demand for people who can help them with digital marketing, content creation, and everything else that comes with promoting their brands online. This is why graphic designers are on the up and up, and people who have a knack for making digital designs need to capitalize on this trend.

The job is flexible for apparent reasons. You get to choose when you take on clients, and you can set some guidelines on how and when they can contact you for revisions. Because of the internet, freelance graphic designers are not at the mercy of agencies to earn money from their talent and passion. The median salary of graphic designers is $44,926 to $52,866.

Interior designer

If you have a talent for designing and styling homes and being ahead of trends before they even explode, why not consider making money out of them? While requirements for licensure will vary from state to state, one general requirement is passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification examination.

Thanks to technologies like Zoom and other video conference platforms, you can safely discuss with your clients, partners, and suppliers from the comfort of your home. You also get to decide when to draw up plans at your leisure and how many clients you can take on at any given time. The median salary of interior designers is $38,888 to $52,962.

Sales representative

Another potentially lucrative job that won’t require you to clock in at eight in the morning is sales representative. Depending on which company you go with, you might not have to work at certain hours. You may be allowed to establish your own work schedule, and some are even allowed to work from home.

If you have a talent for sales and prefer a salary that’s based on commission, consider becoming a sales representative. It’s all about helping brands promote their products, educate their audience, and identify leads. The median salary of sales representatives is $51,296, and more if you work harder than others.

Thanks to technology, we can now look for jobs that don’t require us to be in a physical office while maintaining control of our time. Explore your skillset and passion, and check which industries you think you will fit right into.

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