Marketing in the 21st Century: Website Design Tips for Insurance Agents

Website design

Pretty much every insurance agent these days has some form of online presence, whether it’s a Facebook page or an IG account. But one of the strongest forms of online presence an insurance agent can establish in the digital business space is a website.

Beyond the standard aesthetics that your company might require (like logos, color schemes, fonts, etc.), insurance website design follows the basics of visual design. Here are some tips to make your site beautiful, functional, and appealing to prospective clients.

Keep the Layout and Visuals Clean and Organized

When a potential client visits your website for the first time, the overall layout and visuals create a great first impression. A study found that website users only need around 50 milliseconds to decide whether or not they like what they’re seeing. This means that an insurance agent’s website should have a neat design that keeps everything organized, with the most important buttons and menus within the users line-of-sight as soon as the page loads. Remember K.I.S.S: Keep It Short and Simple. The more succinct your content and the simpler the layout, the better.

Keep Your Colors and Fonts Consistent (And Pleasing)

The basic elements of color theory dictate that different colors invoke different feelings, depending on who’s looking at it.

For insurance agents, studies show that white, blue, and sometimes orange, are the best color schemes to go for. The color blue usually triggers a sense of trust, while white often conveys professionalism. Orange is dynamic and warm, and if it fits into your company’s overall branding, then it’s something that you should consider using.

Of course, you should always pay attention to your company’s overall branding, too. Always make sure that your website, while allowing you to stand out, also enables you to identify with a larger organization that people know and trust.

The same goes for your font. Stick to your insurance company’s designated font as this helps you establish yourself further as a representative of a reputable organization. Just remember: never use comic sans.

Content will ALWAYS Be King

Website design

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing an ad for traditional media like TV or print, or if you’re delving into the digital world, content will always and forever be king. You can have the prettiest, most high-tech looking website in all of the internet, but if it doesn’t have the content that your demographic is looking for, you’ve pretty much wasted your time and resources on something that won’t help you.

For insurance agents, identify the pain points of your clients: what are they so worried about that they’re considering getting an insurance plan? How far can their budgets take them? These are questions you need to establish and answer with your site, whether it’s in the copy you produce or in blog posts.

Your website should have pertinent and actionable information that your potential clients need. When it comes to content, long, accurate pieces may work, as long as your clients and prospects will get as much information as they need without getting lost or confused in your site.

With a clean and organized layout that improves navigation, attractive colors and fonts that highlight your brand and messaging, and content that provides useful information, your website can be your emblem in a competitive industry.

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