Marketing in the Pandemic: How to Promote Your Private Aviation Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the aviation industry since its outbreak in March last year. This crisis has led to travel restrictions, affecting both businesses and private flyers. But after a year, it appears that the private aviation industry has boomed. Why? Business executives and wealthy individuals have relied on private aviation services for flying.

Entrepreneurs who have recently launched their private aviation business must take vital steps in their marketing. The goal is to reach out to as many clients as possible, whether business owners or private individuals. There are a few key steps they can take to boost their business and earn instant profits.

Here’s how to promote your private aviation business amid the pandemic:

1. Update your website and improve your SEO

As with any industry, running a private aviation charter business requires a website. A website is an online representation of your aviation business. It is primarily used for marketing your brand and promoting your private jet service. It also allows you to conduct business transactions with your target clientele.

However, it’s not enough that you have a website. This website must have online visibility and traffic-driving capability. Through search engine optimization (SEO), you can ensure your business gets a top ranking in results pages. However, this digital marketing strategy requires site optimization, content creation, and link building. When done correctly, it can boost your online prominence and website traffic.

2. Produce and display ads for branding and service promotion

Promoting a private aviation business requires robust advertising. One must create appealing ads to market a brand and promote a service. There are a handful of advertising campaigns digital marketers or business owners can resort to. On top of these are pay-per-click (PPC) ads and social media ads, and banner ads.

PPC ads work the same as SEO in terms of web presence and site traffic. However, PPC is a form of paid advertising. As the name suggests, you pay the Google network for every click. Also, social media ads help you reach out to your target clientele. A perfect example is Facebook advertising that allows you to filter the demographics of your prospects. That way, your private aviation service appears in the newsfeed of your target clientele.

3. Produce content with the right messaging

Content is king in the digital world. If one wants to market a brand and promote a service, content is key. However, the rule of thumb is to create the best messaging. This message must be relevant and valuable to target clients. It must easily and quickly resonate with them.

For content marketing to work wonders in your private aviation business, you must take a few key steps. One, discuss what your business has to offer to clients in need of flying amid the pandemic. Also, talk about how your pilots have attended aviation schools to get the required training and earn the necessary certification. Lastly, post blogs about trends in aviation to make you a thought leader in the industry.

4. Generate leads and send personalized emails to prospective clientele

When launching and running a private aviation business, conducting research and performing due diligence are essential. First, you need to know and understand who your potential clients are. Also, be sure to identify their goals, needs, motivations, and even frustrations, especially during this pandemic. Plus, find out where these target clients reside in the digital world. From there, you can generate leads.

Once you have leads set in place, you can reach out to your prospective clients via email. However, the trick is to send them personalized emails. Show them how you can cater to their flying needs. Also, ensure that you have health and safety measures set in place. Ultimately, prove how your private aviation business can provide value to this wealthy clientele.

5. Take advantage of social media

There’s no doubt that social media is powerful in this day and age. Not only are these channels used for personal interactions, but they are also utilized for business purposes. Companies and organizations use social media to promote their brand and engage with their clients or customers.

When it comes to your private aviation business, you’ll most likely find your clients on LinkedIn who are typically business executives. You can also find affluent private individuals on Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to reach out to them to market your business. 

Marketing in pandemic doesn’t have to be daunting, and this applies to the private aviation business. Sure, reaching out to private clientele can prove to be challenging. But considering all the marketing recommendations above can make all the difference. As the private aviation industry is thriving in the pandemic, strike while the iron is hot.

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