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There is no denying that smartphones have given us so much. And with the development of apps, smartphones have allowed us to go beyond making calls and messaging. We all love and appreciate all the ways mobile technology has helped us as individuals, but did you know that it has also enabled corporations to enhance their operations and thus provide better services to their consumers?

Contrary to popular belief, smartphone technology does not just provide better communication and entertainment to individuals. And thanks to companies such as Akoustis Technologies that provide mobile technology solutions, businesses are better positioned to leverage these technologies to give the best possible services to their customers.

Here are some ways businesses are maximizing various kinds of mobile technology:

GPS services

We live in a time when delivery is an essential service. Almost every country in the world was in lockdown at some point in the past year and a half, and delivery services have become a lifeline upon which people were able to gain access to goods and quality meals, and for companies, restaurants, and businesses to stay afloat at the height of the restrictions.

GPS technology is crucial to delivery businesses because company managers need an accurate way to monitor the movement of their employees and riders to ensure that they are working as efficiently as needed. GPS technology is also essential for companies to ensure that their delivery schedule is always right on schedule since the tech tool also provides data on the tracking and movement of parcels and products.


WiFi has also become an essential part of our everyday lives, whether in a personal or business context. For better or for worse, access to the internet has become a  necessity for companies, regardless of what industry they are in. Here are the ways businesses are leveraging high-speed WiFi to provide increased advantages and benefits not just to customers and visitors but also to their employees:

  • Customers who enter company premises experienced increased satisfaction, especially if they have to wait in lobbies or other common areas. It is particularly essential in the service industry, as many customers consider a lack of internet access a deal-breaker when it comes to choosing hotels or Airbnb.
  • Aside from WiFi becoming an accepted customer expectation in businesses, it’s also necessary for employees to stay as productive as possible. Slow internet kills productivity and motivation, especially if you have team members who have to get in the zone when they start working.

mobile phone use


5G technology is known for its increasingly faster download and upload speeds, and it’s already touted as the tool that can revolutionize the way employees work and live. Here are some ways businesses can maximize this technology if they’re not already doing so:

  • It empowers managers and employees as they navigate remote working. 5G does away with incredibly laggy video calls and makes for a much more seamless communication experience for all sides.
  • The technology also brings about enhanced computing features that can further improve and augment already existing cloud infrastructures. This can be massive for companies in the financial industry and those that depend on live interaction (like robotic surgeries, e-sports, and live sports) because it can provide enhanced and more convenient user experiences.
  • Speaking of user experiences, 5G can also allow for immersive experiences and activities that can make consumers feel like they are entering new worlds without leaving the comforts of their homes. 5G can help brands come up with engaging content like 360-degree augmented reality videos, and even 3D ones. Since advertisers may soon transition from user-level targeting, novel content powered by 5G technology might be more essential moving forward.


Bluetooth is also a mobile technology that not a lot of people realize can be used for so much more than just sending photos and videos. Here are some ways businesses can maximize this tech tool to provide better customer experiences:

  • Federal Express in the United States and Europe rolled out a system where they can provide couriers with customer data in real-time through the use of Bluetooth.
  • Another example is German food supplier Bofrost which makes use of Bluetooth technology to automatically print orders in the vans of couriers. This process reduces the business’s billing process and period, giving customers their orders as swiftly as possible.

Leveraging these technologies efficiently also comes with a lot of creativity and good problem-solving skills on the part of managers. If you’re facing a problem in your company’s operations, study these tools and see how they can be optimized to help come up with a solution to the issue.

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