Out of Job? Start a Business: These Ideas Can Get You Started

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The pandemic has opened up opportunities for both new and old businesses. Old ones get to expand theirs and reach an audience they never had before. New ones, on the other hand, get to explore fields that were rarely ventured into even before the pandemic. And although the current situation seems inhospitable for any business start-up, it’s the perfect time for some. The economic downturn the country is experiencing today has become a medium for some to pursue their dreams.

Still, a lot of people are unsure whether they should start a business or not. Yes, just like you. But not because they’re seeing businesses struggling. There are many other reasons why. Primarily, it’s because the pandemic has caused millions to lose their job. Hundreds of businesses closed down. Now seems the wrong time to put up a business because of the economic uncertainties. But is it really?

According to economist Julia Pollak, the current pandemic is an ideal condition to start a business. Many people have extra time in their hands. Stimulus checks allowed others to invest in putting up stores or shops. Social media provided a venue for new small businesses to market their products or services. And, start-up costs are now more amenable to new entrepreneurs.

This all means there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau recorded that there were more businesses that started in 2020 compared to 2019. This year is not yet over, but the number is still much the same way. Hopefully, that convinced you. Now, here are some pandemic-proof business ideas you can consider.

Online Selling

Consumers’ buying habits are now changing. People choose to stay home. Besides, ordering online is convenient and limits one’s exposure to Covid-19.

You can start an online selling business to put up with the demand. There are many online selling platforms or marketplaces you can choose from. You can also start your own selling website or be an affiliate of some online retailers.

Maybe you can try the other revenue models of the e-Commerce industry as well such as dropshipping or private labeling.

Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re good at sales and marketing or you’re previous work involved them, you can try to start your own digital marketing agency. You can provide social media management and search engine optimization. If you have a talent in graphic design and writing, include them in your portfolio. You can also provide digital advertising for other small businesses just like yours.

App Development

If you’re good at creating software and apps, consider an app development start-up. Because business shifted mostly online, many businesses lost customers. To reach them again, businesses had to adapt to and conform to the digital space. This created the demand for more app developers. Businesses wanted to use apps to engage with their clients, old and new.

Some of the most in-demand apps today include dating apps, employee self-service apps, gaming apps, consumer services apps, and online selling apps.

Delivery and Errand Service

Many people were left alone at home when lockdowns were imposed in 2020. The isolation caused by the pandemic created a rise in delivery and errand services. You can start one by gauging the need of your community. Groceries, medicines, food, and other essentials are highly sought after. Alternatively, you can work with local businesses to provide delivery of their product and services directly to their customers.

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Online Learning

Students today have their online classes. You can pick this trend up and provide online learning for adults. You can offer online cooking classes, training for a specific skill or craft, fitness training or workout, or tutoring for a specific subject. If you have a talent or skill that you want to share with others, you can use it to start an online learning business.

Cleaning Service / Disinfecting Service

With many stores and shops opening up again, a lot of businesses are looking for companies that provide disinfection and cleaning services. Many people are also looking for cleaning services for their homes. If you pursue this type of business, make sure to use industry-approved cleaning materials.

House Repair Services

You can also use your skill to start a house repair service if you love to repair broken stuff in your house. While many people are stuck at home, they are finding stuff that needs to be fixed in and around their homes.

Pollak believes that anybody who wants to start a business now can use the current situation as an opportunity to learn how to become resilient. With resiliency, positive growth is inevitable. In fact, there are large companies today that started when there was an economic downturn. Starting a business while there’s a pandemic may seem impossible, but you can still do it.

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