When’s the Best Time to Let a PR Firm Handle Your Business Promotions


Do a quick search of ‘Should I hire a PR firm’ and the results will yield a mixture of responses. Some may say ‘no’ simply because, as the founder of your business, no one knows it like you do. Why entrust its reputation to someone else when you have the network and channel to get the word out?

It’s natural for any business owner to get protective when it comes to their assets. The sweat, money, and late nights you poured into it make it difficult to allow someone to take the reins. As a matter of fact, not all business is ready to hire a PR professional and not all PR firms should work with small businesses or startups.

Some companies are willing to go far by hiring specialized blockchain PR services. One example are crypto marketing agencies offering PR services for blockchain, consumer tech, and crypto companies. These PR experts help companies build their brand to be the leading authority in cryptocurrency.

Investing in public relations is a valuable investment for businesses to generate trust and extend credibility to the audience. But hiring a PR firm can only be a smart move if you clearly understand the objectives of your business and you have enough financial resources to invest in PR consultancy.

So whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, you need to know if hiring a PR firm would make an interesting investment for your business. Continue reading below before taking a plunge in the PR industry.

What are your objectives?

Before setting up meetings with prospective PR representatives, make sure to identify the objectives of your business. While this sounds obvious, many people fail to evaluate how a PR firm can affect the intentions and aspirations of their business. If you have no idea where and how the business is going, you’re not in the right position to promote the business and expect public recognition.

When working with a PR professional, they want to know what you expect out of the publicity campaign. Knowing your objectives can answer this question. From there, the PR firm will evaluate your business objectives to form a concrete communications strategy to support that objective.

You have to get everything right in the beginning to have a better grasp of the market and the product or service you’ll be offering. Without a plan or conviction, the business will likely fall apart.

Does your business need access to a wider network?


Startups are especially good at collaboration. Their channels and networks establish the foundation of the community surrounding their business. But there are cases when the network is not enough to meet the promotional needs of the business. These concerns may include finding talent, user acquisition, and promoting the business in a saturated marketplace.

The right PR firm can help businesses attain their marketing objectives that their current network and channel cannot offer. They offer a network of high-quality audience relationships within your niche that goes beyond the extent of your current visibility. They also have the strategic expertise to make the most of that network. At the same time, PR professionals serve as media specialists to establish your connection with the members of the media, from journalists, publicists, and editors.

A PR firm offers a range of services from production, content strategy, social strategy, and media relations. Basically, it’s all about getting recommendations and influence from a prominent third party, such as social media or the news. The firm’s job is to bring together the company and media in such a way that’s beneficial for both parties.

Should I get in-house support or an agency?

In-house support works best for your business if someone you know is familiar with its daily operations. This is also a practical option if you can work with someone who’s an expert in the B2B sector and your business has a specific communications requirement.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional team of PR specialists to tackle your promotional concerns. These well-connected people can open opportunities to create worthwhile connections with related partners in the same niche.

Whatever you pick, make sure to consider your budget constraints before agreeing to a fee. PR campaigns aren’t just a one-time thing. It can take months or even a year to attain the desired recognition your company is looking for.

Hiring a PR firm comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. They may be expensive but it’s great to receive professional and competent services than to fumble with your PR efforts. If you decide to work with a PR firm, make sure to never lose control of your publicity efforts. Although these professionals are armed with the expertise to promote your business, you still need to stay involved in the entire promotion process.

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