Simple Yet Effective Ideas to Promote Employee Health and Motivation


Employers may sometimes find it hard to boost their employees’ morale. Some occasions tend to have difficult times due to too much workload. Overwork could lead to fatigue that causes illnesses. Employees may seem to feel burned out and may not be able to work.

It is a problem for employers to lose their employees in such a hectic time. The people running the business without a complete workforce could go out of hand. What are the things that employers could do to make their employees healthy and motivated?

Some simple steps are available for all companies, big or small. Employers could launch a program where employees could take part. It may be some outdoor activity programs to let workers relax and enjoy.

Some companies that are well-off invest in modern technology to keep their employees fit. They provide an office gym where their employees could work out. Some employers even buy massage chairs where their employees can rest and reduce stress. These chairs help the body get rid of pain and muscle contraction.

But there are other ways that employers could do to keep their employees active and healthy. These are simple steps to help employers maintain a happy and motivated workforce. Here are some healthy ideas for everybody:

Start and lead employees to do stretches before work

A helpful yet healthy activity to motivate employees is to start stretches before working. Employers can invite other co-workers to take part in a minute of stretching. Stretching is essential for all as the body needs to maintain a range of motion in the joints. It also makes the muscles relieve from any tension and makes the muscles strong and flexible. Muscles that do not have activities such as stretching may tend to become weak. Stretching is a form of exercise that helps avoid strains and joint pains.

Employers could suggest a 1-minute stretching activity to all. They could promote the routine to other managers to exercise before starting work. It is one way to make employees get motivated and healthy at the same time.

Give out extended minutes on lunches and invite employees for a walk


An extra 10 minutes on lunches is not too much. Employees would even appreciate it if they get some time to relax. But employers should invite their employees to eat outdoors. Employees will be obliged to walk rather than wasting their time sitting on the pantry couch. But why encourage your employee to walk?

Walking is good exercise for everybody. It helps everybody lose weight. Walking also keeps the body maintain physical activity without tiring itself. Blood flow is normal when walking, which is advisable for heart exercise.

A five-minute walk going to work would keep the body in good condition. People could also look for an opportunity to walk instead of taking transportation. They could do it in destinations with short distances. Walking is the simplest form of exercise, and it is free for everybody. Extended lunch and a walk with colleagues will motivate workers. It is also a good opportunity to share some good times.

Change processed food to healthy ones in the pantry

Another great way to keep employees healthy is to provide them with nutritious meals at work. Employers should understand that everybody is busy. Most of their employees tend to buy preheated food or processed ones.

Employers could talk to the meal providers and encourage them to cook healthy meals. Home-cooked food can be a healthy alternative.  It gives the employees an impression that employers are concerned about their health. Companies that have great food always have more productive employees.

Encourage the employees to take their lunches and breaks on time

A simple way of keeping employees at their best is to encourage them to take their breaks on time. Nobody knows how stressed an employee when working. The only way to make them get out of the stress is to take their breaks and lunches on time. It is the only time when they can breathe and relax.

Sometimes, it is even better to let employees take half of the day off work. Some employees spend their time almost the entire day at work. Employers could see those who work and treat their offices like homes. Better to encourage them to go home on time and rest. A work-life balance is always essential for workers to stay motivated and productive.

There are many ways to keep employees healthy and motivated. Some employers always recognize their employees’ efforts and reward them. But the true motivation to keep employees healthy is to read between the lines.

Some employees will not tell their employers that something is going on. Employers could know that something is wrong. They could sense if something is not normal. The best way is to make an initiative and offer them some time to replenish their energy and relax. This kind of gesture earns employees’ respect. They could choose to stay healthy and motivated for the company.

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