5 House Fixtures To Put Extra Work on When Renting Out

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When renting out a house, it’s crucial to ensure everything is in top condition. This means that you might have to put a bit extra work into some regions of the house, above and beyond the usual cleaning and maintenance. Here are some house fixtures that you should be sure to give some extra attention to:

1. The Kitchen Cupboards:

One of the critical areas in any home is the kitchen. This is where potential tenants will spend a lot of time preparing meals, so you want to ensure that the cupboards are clean and free of grease or grime build-up.

You may need to sand down and repaint the cupboards if they’re looking mainly worn or replace the handles if they’re damaged or dated. In addition, make sure that all the hinges and drawers are functioning correctly.

This is because tenants will use the cupboards regularly, and any malfunctions could lead to frustration. Also, make sure to check the countertops and appliances for cleanliness.

2. The Bathroom Sink and Faucets:

Another vital area in any rental home is the bathroom. Potential tenants will be looking for a clean, well-maintained space with no signs of wear and tear. Pay close attention to the sink and faucets, as these are often one of the first places that show signs of age or wear.

Ensure they’re properly sealed and free of any rust or corrosion. For example, if the faucet leaks, you may need to replace or repair it. You should also check that there are no signs of staining or discoloration on the sink and faucets.

Meanwhile, you should also inspect the shower and bathtub. Make sure that all of the tiles are free from cracks or chips, and check for any mold or mildew growth on the grout.

3. The Doors:

Doors are another key element in any rental property, both inside and out. Make sure that all the doors are sturdy and adequately fitting in their frames—gaps or gaps around doors can be unsightly and pose a security risk.

If necessary, sand down any rough edges and repaint or varnish them so that they look fresh and new again. Not only that, but you should also make sure that the locks have durable rim cylinders to protect the tenant’s safety and privacy. This is because locks with weaker cylinders can be easily picked or broken in.

Moreover, make sure to check the weather stripping and door sweeps to ensure that the doors are airtight. This will help keep drafts and moisture from entering the home, which can cause various problems, such as mold growth.

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4. The Windows:

Windows are another area that can show signs of wear and tear over time. Make sure to check them for any cracks or chips in the glass and any loose or missing sealant around the edges. If necessary, clean the windows inside and out to ensure that there’s no build-up of dirt or grime obscuring the view.

Also, check that all the hardware is properly and securely fastened. If any of the hardware is worn out or broken, you might need to replace it to ensure a good seal and adequate security for your tenants. To do this, you could either hire a professional or do the work yourself.

Finally, make sure to inspect the window frames for any signs of rot or damage. This is important, as it can lead to water damage over time.

5. The Carpets:

Carpets can really show their age after a while, so it’s essential to ensure they’re in good condition before putting your rental property on the market. If they look particularly worn, you may need to replace them entirely.

However, if they’re only slightly worn, a good deep clean can often do wonders to brighten a space. Make sure to use a good-quality vacuum cleaner and professional carpet cleaning solutions. Not only will this make your carpets look fresher and brighter, but it will also help to eliminate any lingering odors or bacteria.

Finally, make sure to check the carpets for any rips, tears, or other damage. If any permanent stains or damage can’t be fixed with a good cleaning, you may need to replace them altogether.

When renting a property, paying close attention to detail is essential to ensure that everything is in top condition for potential tenants. By taking care of key areas like windows, doors, carpets, and kitchen cupboards, you can help your rental property stand out from the competition—and attract high-quality tenants who will take care of your investment.

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