Why Should You Consider Selling Personalized Products

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If you’re looking for a business idea, you can try selling personalized items. It has become a huge trend over the years, not to mention profitable. By 2021, the personalized gifts industry is likely to reach $31.63 billion, and 62% of Americans prefer gifts that are unique, personal, and customizable.

It’s All About Personal Connection

People choose to give personalized gifts because of the personal connection that shines through. For instance, engraved gift ideas such as jewelry are one of the best presents to give to anyone as it makes them feel more valued and special. Simply having a loved one’s name engraved on a memento instantly makes it more meaningful.

This trend is also rooted in human psychology. A part of the brain makes people feel special when they receive the item because they can connect to it, knowing it’s tailor-made for them.

What Are the Best Products to Customize?

Any item can be personalized depending on the preferences of your target customers. Here are some common products you can personalize:


Custom tees never go out of style, and they’re effective in capturing someone’s attention or interest. It is a way for people to show their creative side, celebrate an iconic figure, or make a statement.

They are also often used for branding purposes. Businesses give them away as corporate gifts, and they’re able to reach a wider audience because employees are able to promote their brand wherever they go.


Personalized jewelry is more preferred as gifts because all people have unique preferences. Having a loved one’s favorite stone or name on a statement piece will make it more special.

Mix a wide variety of stones, metals, and materials to make each piece unique. You can also opt for sustainable materials to make your products more attractive and earth-friendly.

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Phone Cases

In today’s digital world, where almost everyone owns a smartphone, people love to dress up their phones with unique designs that show off their personalities. Personalized phone cases make a device extra special as no two are the same.

Tip: Start by selling phone cases for the trending mobile brands to create brand awareness and generate quick profits instantly. This is an excellent way to start since you can’t sell phone cases for each brand out there.

Be aware of all types of phone cases (flat, rugged, fabric, bumper, or wallet-type), as each type has its own audience. Target what is most selling to boost your business and have a higher chance of earning more.

Face Masks

Since face masks are now a necessary part of everyone’s lives, people can make a statement and flaunt their style by wearing fashionable face masks. You can add quotes, funny designs, or colorful patterns to make them more attractive. Just remember to maintain a good balance between effective filtration and appeal.

Cotton and chiffon or cotton and silk fabrics are effective in filtering droplets. These natural fabrics are also best for printing your designs as they easily absorb the ink compared to synthetic fabrics.

Ways to Personalize Your Products

Temporary Personalization

This type of personalization allows your customers to change the look of the product after some time. Stickers, labels, and decals are the common materials you can use for temporary product customization.

For example, you can offer removable stickers with water bottles or mugs, which customers can change in a few months. It also serves as a good marketing strategy as it allows freedom to switch designs or labels according to their preferences.

Permanent Personalization

Customers are more familiar with this kind of personalization as it’s commonly seen in stores—embroidered bags, screen-printed t-shirts, engraved items, and more. Make your brand stand out by turning around the orders quickly, making quality a top priority, and asking for your customers’ thoughts. Their feedback is essential to your business’s future innovations and decisions.

Personalized Packaging

Packaging may not be much of a product personalization strategy, but it helps to personalize your customer service. You can offer eco-friendly gift bags or wrapping services, especially during the holidays. This can make your customers purchase from you again instead of your competitor.

Personalized items can help you strengthen your connection with customers as they seek products that show who they are and make them feel special. Personalization is a clever way of bringing in new customers, and it also adds remarkable value to your business. This industry will continue to grow, so come up with exciting products that will set your business apart from everyone else’s.

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