The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Cutting Costs and Saving More


Everyone will ask you to save money in your small business. However, what you do in theory and practical does differ a lot. Moreover, the economy has made it worse. The times are too bad for people with small margins in terms of profits. To add to the dismay, frequent restrictive measures take a toll on the business person’s psyche.

Most small businesses start with very small sums as capital. So, squeezing that last bit of profit from the company can be a huge task at times. However, if you keep your plans straightforward and your strategies up to date, you can surely make a difference. Here you will learn about making small businesses run smoothly while enforcing cost-cutting measures:

Cut Printing Costs, Go Green

If you are a small company with a meager income, do not fret. You can make it big if you plan well. While doing so, it will also help you save the planet. Here we are talking about using less paper for printing. If your customers ask for an invoice, give them a soft copy by mail or on their smartphone. Additionally, if you are forced to use paper, print on both sides. It will help you save many trees. And, that will benefit your business in the long run, somehow.

It is not just about the paper; you will also save much ink if you reduce your printing tasks. Cartridges and ink toners can be very costly and often raise expenses for the business. There is another positive side to decreasing your printing costs. Yes, you have got it right! It also brings down your energy bills.

Rent Equipment

You should also consider renting your office devices and equipment instead of buying them. There is a lot of equipment that you probably need in the office. They include computers, coffee machines, sanitizer dispensers, and xerox machines, to name a few. You can also consider renting business printers. These are pretty easily available. Just look for models that promise to consume less energy but give high returns. When you take equipment on lease, you get a free warranty. Any issue with the same is diagnosed and repaired by the vendor. So, you do not need to enter into an annual maintenance contract.


You will also save money by not buying too many hard disks for external data storage. Store your data on the cloud instead. It will be much cheaper in the long run. Additionally, you should also abstain from buying any vehicle for your business. Take them on lease instead. They will give your more profits in the times to come.

Outsource Your Work

When you recruit a full-time employee, you are liable for many other expenses, apart from salaries. You have to pay employee wellness benefits, compliance benefits, and medical insurance. Why should you go into so much complication? Outsource the work, and save costs. When you outsource the work to another company, they mostly ask for a consolidated amount as fees.

Today, independent contractors can be a better idea for most small businesses. Apart from this category, you can also go for consultants. They are often taken on board on a retainer ship basis. Additionally, you can also give them on-call fees. So, it saves both ways. This is the sole reason why several MNCs are growing at top speed. It is because they outsource.

Negotiate Hard with Vendors

What your vendor asks need not be paid all the time. Moreover, if they unnecessarily hike the prices, there is no reason for you to stick to your old vendor. You can also always ask multiple vendors to quote their prices. Take the lowest one, but maintain quality. Never take anything or anyone at face value. Everybody needs to exist and do business. Your vendor will relent when he sees the business slipping out. Hold onto your offered rate. Most small businesses are saving hundreds and thousands of dollars through negotiation. So, you can also give this tactic a try.

Find Low-cost Advertising Alternatives

A popular low-cost advertising and marketing mode for small businesses is through social media and online ads. They cost far less than traditional ads. Internet marketing has helped many companies stay afloat today during hard-hit times. So, you can do it as well.

To promote your business, you can also give ads in free directories. They offer much value if the site you choose is authoritative. Additionally, you can also get influencers for your business. Many of them accept payment in kind. Most small businesses are promoting and advertising their products through influencers today.

These are a few ways you can cut costs for your small business. There are plenty of other ways if you can think out of the box. So, implement these and save costs.

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