How Can Technology Help with Seniors’ Mobility Problems?

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When older people encounter the latest technological innovations, they often see it as too complicated to be accessible. There is some truth to it. Some advancements in technology don’t seem to have practical applications to daily routines, especially senior citizens’.

The beauty of technology, however, is that despite the challenges, there are amazing ways that it has also made so many things easier and friendlier for seniors. Those who have conditions that pose safety hazards at home can live safer and overall better lives through these technologies.

Six Technologies to Help Seniors at Home

The most common disability that older Americans suffer from is issues with mobility. These are some of the most useful technologies to assist seniors with physical disabilities or issues.

1. Stair Lifts

Limited mobility can lead to accidents at home, especially when facilities and home layout were not designed with risks for senior family members in mind. Stairs are some of the most hazardous areas for a senior suffering from mobility issues.

An elevator is often too expensive and too space-consuming to be installed in the home. A more practical and affordable alternative is a wheelchair lift for home use, which allows wheelchair users and even just family members who struggle with climbing up and down stairs to easily access various floors at home.

2. Health Tracking Tools

The older you become, the more maintenance and wellness practices you need to keep track of on a daily basis. Remembering these by heart also becomes harder when you are older. The good news is that smartphones allow you to download different kinds of apps today to assist in taking care of your health.

One of the most helpful is an app that gives reminders of when to take your medicine and which one to take at a certain time. Many medicine reminder apps also have additional features, such as the ability to have your meds delivered to your doorstep. Others also allow you to keep a record of various health measurements such as blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Telehealth has also made it possible for seniors to connect with their doctors without the need to leave the home. These have been particularly important during the pandemic as seniors are more at risk for suffering severe symptoms of COVID-19 than other age groups.

3. Indoor Home Camera

Home Camera

Many smart home devices have indoor cameras in their product lines. These devices are primarily used for surveillance, making sure that your home is safe from any intruders. However, indoor cameras are also a way to keep an eye on elderly loved ones when you cannot physically be at home with them.

Smart cameras can connect to your phone, livestreaming what is happening in your home with just a tap of your screen. These are good for when you take care of senior family members by yourself and have to go on grocery runs and other errands.

4. Smart Doorbells

Aside from indoor home cameras, there are also smart doorbells that allow you to check the identity of people outside your home before allowing them to enter. This is an obvious security advantage, but it also helps seniors due to its ability to stream live video to phones.

Seniors who cannot quickly come to the door to check on visitors are able to see who is out the door by opening an app on their smartphones. Smart doorbells also have a feature where residents can communicate with the person outside using their phone.

5. Smart Toilets

In general, smart toilets have amazing benefits for households. Firstly, the latest toilet models are able to discern the amount of water that should be used for flushing, which reduces water wastage significantly. Its built-in bidets also decrease the need for toilet paper.

For senior citizens, the automatic functions of a smart toilet make life much easier. There is no more need to bend down and lift toilet lids because of sensors that do it on their behalf. The bidet features also assist with washing when they are having trouble accomplishing it themselves.

These state-of-the-art features are just be the beginning of more senior-friendly innovations. Researches are developing smart toilets that can detect diseases, potentially revolutionizing healthcare not only for seniors, but everyone else.

Give Them Assistance

Technology is incredibly helpful in making homes safer for adults with mobility issues, but a note to family members: do not be too reliant. The support and presence of a loving family member are still a greater help for elderly loved ones. Take care of the senior citizens in your life by showing up for them every day while getting some assistance from technology.

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