Why Choose Vinyl for Your Residential Fence?

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People invest in fences to add privacy, aesthetics, security, safety, and define property boundaries. Fencing contractors offer a variety of fencing materials such as wood, chain link, bamboo, aluminum, wrought iron, and vinyl. When selecting the best fence material for your home, you need to consider the maintenance, purpose of fencing, and the HOA fencing guidelines. Here’s why vinyl is a popular option for most homeowners.

1. Easy cleaning and low maintenance

Vinyl is a cost-effective, fencing material that requires little maintenance. It only needs occasional washing and doesn’t require touch up, painting, or staining. You can make it look great all year round by merely wiping and rinsing off the dirt, algae, and debris with detergent and water. Rainfall might even do the job.

2. Offers extra privacy

If privacy is your priority, vinyl fencing is the ideal choice for you. One-piece panels that range from 4ft to 8 ft tall are great visual barriers that offer total privacy. Privacy will work both ways as people won’t be able to look into your space, and you won’t likely see your neighbors. If you have dogs, the closed-gap fence will prevent them from continually barking at every passerby.

3. Safe and eco-friendly

Unlike wood, a vinyl fence does not splinter, making it safe for your pets or children. Most manufacturers are now committed to care for the environment and make sure that their vinyl fencing products do not have chemical treatment. Vinyl is 100% recyclable and can be used to make another vinyl product or other materials.

4. Durable

Compared to wood, vinyl fences do not attract pests or absorb moisture. Vinyl fencing is resistant to fire and can fare well against pests, fungus, and humidity. It is also engineered to accommodate the harsh changes in weather conditions.

5. Affordable

One of the great benefits of vinyl fencing is its affordability. While the vinyl fence has a higher initial cost than wood, it is low maintenance and will last for decades, which will offset the higher prices in the long term. Maintaining wood gets pricier over time as you need to spend money on treatments such as sealants, paints, or stains to preserve its pristine condition. On the other hand, vinyl fences will hold its colors even after years of rain and sunlight.

6. Wide range of heights and designs

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Vinyl fences have a wide range of designs. Depending on your sense of style and fencing objectives, you can choose from tall privacy fences to classic Victorian picket fences. You can also put decorative accents such as rose scrolls or lattice tops to brighten your home. Vinyl fences also come in different colors, from neutral to bolder hues. It can be textured to mimic the look and feel of real wood or traditional stucco.

The quality of vinyl fencing products varies, so you must take the time to explore your options and only buy from a reputable contractor. Remember that proper installation and high quality of materials will determine the longevity of your fence.

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