Best Recruitment Practices

Hiring the right staff in the hospitality industry can be a constant challenge for restaurant and bar operators. In collaboration with a renowned hospitality recruitment company, we’ve compiled essential practices to help you assemble a team that excels and remains dedicated.

Define Desired Personality Traits

Begin by clearly outlining the personality traits you seek in potential hires. Some attributes, such as a genuine smile and the ability to make eye contact, are inherent and cannot be easily trained.

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Create both a job description and a person description to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the ideal candidate.

Craft Targeted Job Ads

Use proper and targeted keywords in your job ads to attract candidates with the right attributes. For instance, including phrases like “must enjoy working in a fast-paced environment” helps filter out individuals who may not thrive in such settings.

Conduct Proactive Phone Calls

Once applications start pouring in, proactively call candidates to assess their genuine interest in the job. A brief conversation can reveal enthusiasm and commitment, helping you identify candidates worth considering.

Optimize the Interview Process

Enhance objectivity by having a two-person interview team. This professional approach not only ensures thorough questioning but also provides a second perspective. Score each interviewee to facilitate an unbiased evaluation.

Check References Promptly

Engage with a candidate’s current or most recent employer to verify information. The golden question, “Would you reemploy them?” provides valuable insights into a candidate’s past performance.

Prompt Decision-Making and Continuous Follow-Up

Make hiring decisions promptly to avoid losing top candidates to other opportunities. Once onboard, invest in training and regular follow-ups during the initial days to fine-tune the integration process.

By implementing these best practices, you can elevate your recruitment strategy and build a winning team that contributes to the long-term success of your establishment.

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