Essential Office Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning any office space is a big job, even in small offices. Sure, you can clean any space with rudimentary tools. But if you want to get the job done right without breaking your back and taking exorbitant time, you need the right office cleaning supplies. To help, ServiceMaster Clean UK has offered this informative video on how to clean an office desk.

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Be sure to watch for expert tips and read on to learn more.

The Best Office Cleaning Supplies
Offices are complex spaces with a lot of tough angles and hard-to-reach surfaces. These tools will help you get the most out of your office cleaning efforts.

Surface Cleaners
De-greasers, disinfectants, mold and mildew removers, and more are all essential, must-haves on almost any office cleaning job.

Mops & Buckets
The good old-fashioned mop and bucket will help you clean all those hard floors that are so common in offices. There are alternatives, but mops and buckets are basic.

Cleaning carts
Don’t carry around your equipment and supplies one piece at a time! Make your work much more efficient with a built-for-purpose cleaning cart.

Microfiber Cloths
Computer screens and other surfaces that should not be dampened need special cloths to be cleaned with.

Of course, you’re going to need a high-quality vacuum that is purpose-built to take care of office floors and other tough-to-clean spots.

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