Fedex 101 How to Ship Out Your Startup Products Safely and Quickly

Startups often have products and documents that need to get to clients and customers quickly. This video goes through six different FedEx service levels that business leaders or logistics teams can use. Let’s take a look at these methods of shipping products safely and in a timely manner.

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The fastest option is FedEx’s overnight service. It can be quite expensive. However, it’s ideal for when businesses need something somewhere first thing in the morning.

There’s also the priority overnight. This option is usually less expensive. However, it guarantees delivery by 10:30 am.

One of the most popular expedited FedEx service levels is the overnight standard service. Businesses can pay for this if they want to guarantee next-day delivery. Startup leaders should be aware that this package could arrive any time before the end of the day.

If getting the goods there the next day isn’t critical, businesses can save money by opting for a two-day delivery service. There are two levels here: am delivery and pm delivery. Businesses can normally rely on the am delivery service to arrive by 10:30 am. Afternoon services for businesses tend to arrive by 3 pm.

Finally, for the most cost-effective delivery service, there’s the Express Saver. This is a three-day service. As long as businesses remember to set the recipient’s expectations, this could be a good way to get goods where they need to be for a little less money.

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