The Welding Process Explained

Welding is the process of joining two or three pieces of metal using heat. Understanding the welding process is important if you work with products that require welding. The YouTube video explores the basics of the welding process while offering a welding class tutorial.

Welding Class 101

Before welding different pieces together, the technician cleans the surface of the metal to ensure no rust, dirt, or debris may compromise the integrity of the weld.

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A heat source melts the edges of the metals where the metal joins. This heat can come from various sources such as an electric arc, gas flame, laser, or ultrasonic waves.

Once the metals reach the melting point, they become molten and fuse. It creates a strong bond between the metals. In some types of welding, a technician may add a filler material to strengthen the weld or fill any gaps between the metals. After the welding is complete, the welded joint is allowed to cool. While the metals cool, the molten metal solidifies, forming a strong bond between the metals.

Depending on the application, the welded joint may be ground or polished to achieve a smooth surface and ensure proper fit and strength. Welding is a versatile process used in various industries to join metals permanently, creating strong and durable connections. Finally, different welding techniques and methods are used, depending on the material and job.

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